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We specialize in maximizing academic achievement and learning potential through exam access arrangements. These arrangements, accepted by international programs like iGCSE, Middle Years, Diploma Programme, and SATS, benefit both neurodiverse and non-neurodiverse students. Eligible students can receive extra time, the use of a reader/reading software, a scribe, and other adjustments.


Neurodiversity doesn’t always come with a specific diagnosis like dyslexia, dyscalculia, or ADHD, but it can still create obstacles in education or work. At least one in seven individuals falls under the neurodiverse category. Neurodiverse Potential aims to eliminate these barriers and disadvantages, giving everyone a chance to thrive equally.

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Unlocking Potential is what we do.

Everyone deserves to reach their maximum potential. With the right information, support and partnerships, this can happen for you.

We empower neurodiversity in education and the workplace.

We achieve this by assessing neurodiversity in school and work environments and allow personalized support, tailored intervention programs and success criteria’s to be implemented at your school or workplace.

We work to develop a holistic understanding for the different challenges and opportunities that neurodiversity implicates in the surrounding environment.

We help schools and workplaces to implement supporting processes and tools to support the different needs that go hand in hand with neurodiversity. Although a diagnosis is not needed to be neurodiverse, we can maximize the learning potential for individuals with neurodiverse diagnoses such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD and related processing speed and working memory differences by highlighting the specific needs.


At least one in seven of us are neurodiverse and you do not need a diagnosis to be neurodiverse!……In a room of 30, you can assume approximately 4 individuals will have a natural variation in brain function such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADHD, differences in working memory and processing speed, autism spectrum and many more. Neurodiversity is simply the normal range of how humans differ neurologically. At Neurodiverse Potential, we celebrate diversity and aid in maximizing unique individual strengths and differences.

Neurodiversity promotes the understanding that every individual’s brain works uniquely, with its own strengths, talents, and perspectives. It encourages society to embrace and value these differences, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute with their unique abilities.

Overall, the concept of neurodiversity highlights the inherent value of every individual, regardless of their neurological makeup. It promotes a positive and inclusive perspective that celebrates the diverse ways our brains work, fostering a society that embraces and benefits from the strengths and contributions of all its members.

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You do not need a diagnosis to be neurodiverse. Many diverse minds wander this planet ‘undiagnosed’!

There can be many signs & signals that an individual is neurodiverse. Variations in the ability to learn to read and write, focus and attention discrepancies, sensory overload or sensitivities as well as processing speed differences all have signs if you know what to look for.

At Neurodiverse Potential we promote that all neurodiverse individuals should have access to reasonable adjustments at school, college or in exams such as; additional time (10%, 25% & 50%), use of a reader, use of a laptop, use of a spell checker, use of a scribe or a prompter, modified papers (color, font size, language etc.) or rest breaks etc.

‘Signs’ of neurodiversity which can be compensated by exam access arrangements include:

  • Reading well but not understanding fully
  • Unable to keep up with taking notes
  • Running out of time to copy notes from a presentation
  • Unable to structure and organize writing
  • Having trouble ‘getting started’
  • Untidy/slow handwriting
  • Getting ‘stuck’ and unable to move on
  • Having problems getting ideas down on paper
  • Pain when writing for prolonged periods
  • Generalized exam anxiety
  • Understanding questions in a given time limit


  • Offer online assessments to assess for neurodiversity
  • Offer online assessments for Exam Access Arrangements
  • Write diagnostic reports evidencing and justifying the need for exam access arrangements accepted by world leading examination boards including:
      • Cambridge International (iGCSE & GCSEs)
      • International Baccalaureate Organization (Middle Years and Diploma Programme)
      • The College Board (SATs).
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  • Offer a range of evidence-based intervention programs to improve literacy skills such as reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, spelling, phonological awareness, vocabulary and mathematics skills such as numerical operations, problem solving and algebra or any combination related to any specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.


Our Mission

With the right assessments, tools, processes and procedures we create understanding and possibilities for an inclusive environment where students can thrive. Our assessments are designed to unlock the unique strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals, enabling personalized support and promoting success. We offer scientifically based neuropsychiatric investigations, cognitive reports and exam access arrangements which are accepted with international exam boards.

A Word From Us

A Word

From Our CEO

“Maximizing potential for students with neurodiversity is a topic close to my heart. Having raised 4 children, 2 of which are neurodivergent, who faced challenges at school with attention, concentration and dyslexia, it was important to help them embrace their learning differences and ensured they could thrive despite these roadblocks and maximize their strengths and learning potential.”

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I am firmly convinced that the success of our society lies in recognizing the value of every individual and embracing their unique differences. From an early age, it is essential to foster an inclusive environment that appreciates diversity and empowers individuals to thrive.

In today’s fast-paced world, we must be conscious of the diminishing tolerance for those who stand out in some way. It is our collective responsibility to reverse this trend and recognize that our strength as a society comes from embracing the diversity within our communities.

At Neurodiverse Potential, we are committed to do our part and contribute towards a positive change. We believe that excluding anyone from participating in society is not only a waste of valuable resources but also a personal tragedy for the individual involved. Our mission is to contribute to a society where every person, regardless of their unique needs, is provided with the tailored support necessary to achieve their fullest potential. Preferably this starts in school from an early age, but it’s never too late.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping strong, confident, and creative individuals who can seamlessly integrate into society. Through our assessments we can provide extensive reports based on scientific research that will guide the supporting functions at a student’s school in putting the right accommodations in place for your specific needs. By doing this the school will ensure that every student has the opportunity to excel and participate from the very beginning.

It is our collective responsibility, within the education system and beyond, to foster an environment where every individual can flourish. We firmly believe that the strength of our society as a whole lies in the careful composition of diverse teams, both in schools and the workplace.

By embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment, we will undoubtedly see improved health, enhanced results, elevated quality, and a more cohesive society. Neurodiverse Potential is committed to do our part towards this positive change for the greater good – a win-win scenario for all of us.

Together, let us champion the recognition of every individual’s worth, and through our efforts, let us shape a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone in our society.

– Roger Viberg

Academic Excellence

Assessing Neurodiversity for Academic Excellence

With the right assessments, tools, processes and procedures we create understanding and possibilities for an inclusive environment where you can thrive. Our assessments are designed to unlock the unique strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals, enabling personalized support and promoting success. We offer scientifically based neuropsychiatric investigations to children, young people and adults.

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