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At Neurodiverse Potential, our mission is to empower neurodiversity in education and the workplace. We believe in unlocking the potential of every individual, regardless of their neurological makeup, through the right support, information, and partnerships. We embrace neurodiversity and tirelessly work to remove barriers, ensuring that every individual receives the necessary support, accommodations, and understanding and maximizes their potential to thrive equally in both educational and professional settings.

No Previous Diagnosis Needed

Neurodiversity doesn’t require a formal diagnosis. We advocate for recognizing the signs and signals of neurodiversity, including variations in learning abilities, attention discrepancies, sensory sensitivities, and processing speed differences.


Accessible Adjustments Provided

We ensure that all individuals with neurodiversity have access to reasonable adjustments in educational settings and exams. Accommodations can include:

  • Additional time (10%, 25%, & 50%)
  • The use of a reader, a laptop
  • A spell checker
  • A scribe
  • A prompter
  • Modified papers (e.g., color, font size, language)

Signs of Neurodiversity

Signs of Neurodiversity: We understand the signs of neurodiversity that can be addressed through exam access arrangements. These signs include difficulty understanding what is read, reading and processing slowly, struggling to take notes, challenges in organizing and structuring writing, writer’s block, slow or untidy handwriting, difficulty expressing ideas on paper, pain during prolonged writing, difficulty with numbers and general exam anxiety within time limits.

Online Assessments for Neurodiversity

We offer comprehensive online assessments to identify neurodiversity in individuals, understanding their unique strengths and challenges.

Exam Access Arrangements

Our team provides tailored online assessments for exam access arrangements, ensuring fair opportunities during exams. We collaborate with leading examination boards like:

  • Cambridge International
  • International Baccalaureate Organization
  • The College Board

Evidence-based Intervention Programs

Evidence-based Intervention Programs We provide online evidence-based intervention programs targeting essential literacy and mathematics skills. These interventions are particularly beneficial for individuals with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia or dyscalculia.